Enjoy gorgeous skin while down the shore!

Thursday, July 21st, 2016 Christie
Aahhh! Sand, sun and fun; beach weather is here and its time to soak up those rays!  That gorgeous sun- kissed glow makes your skin look healthy and young until it fades-but, we will treat that then.  Right now though, did you know that there are facial treatments that will have your face looking its freshest while you are channeling your inner beach babe?
Suntan lotions, oil and environmental pollutants can clog pores causing break outs and dullness.   (You can’t glow when your skin is dull!) Our Spa Cleansing Facial can be customized to combat build up that causes breakouts and lack-luster skin.  First, this delightful facial will thoroughly exfoliate revealing youthful radiance while a mud mask (we love Repechage’s Sea Mud Perfecting Mask) will remove impurities and refine skin leaving it vibrant and clean.  This is also done in a back facial so you can bare all with confidence!
We also have the ideal facial if your out door play left you feeling burnt and red. The Red Out Facial (with micro-silver and antioxidants) will calm and cool angry skin, diminishing the redness leaving your skin soothed.
Feeling dehydrated? The Hydra Facial will reestablish moisture so dry becomes dewy.
Using sunscreen with a proper SPF, drinking plenty of water and visiting us for one of the above facials will guarantee summer sexy skin.  (And don’t worry, when summer is over, we will give you the one- two punch needed to treat and repair your skin, guaranteeing a fresh face for fall!)
To Good Skin Health,
Your Skin Therapist, Celina Goldfarb
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