Balayage 101

Thursday, August 11th, 2016 Christie

ImageYou don’t have to master pronouncing it to love it! (Though it is pronounced BAH LEE YAHJE)

The term Balayage literally means “to sweep” in French.  Your stylist will “sweep color” in small sections of the hair from the top and then , using a planchette, gradually apply more towards the bottom. Used as a highlight or lowlight, this effect gives a natural sun-kissed look or can give depth and tone. Because there is no foil used with this technique, your stylist has more control -thus created a special dimension customized for your locks!
Balayage isn’t just for blondes either-red heads and brunettes can benefit from this fancy form to add a pop of brightness, make a bold statement or just subtle interest within their hues. Balyage is also the smarter way to cancel out gray-and healthier too. (You can just paint the gray without coloring the rest of your hair.)
Balayage is trending BIG TIME right now and, based on what I have seen within the industry, it is here to stay! After the initial investment (let’s face it, it’s not cheap) the maintenance is easier on the wallet than a full head of foils. Balayage actually tends to get better as it starts to “grow out”. It blends with your natural base and, we all know that natural never goes out of style!

I personally love the customization of Balayage. As a colorist, it allows me to utilize the artistic side of  my skills. I would recommend it to anyone just starting to color their hair or for anyone who is looking for that “childhood- summer- spent- at -the- beach” look. It is also great for those who do not want the commitment of maintaining a foil highlight.
So now that you know what it is, visit for a consultation to see how it will fit into your lifestyle. Your hair coloring services will  never be the same again!
-Andrea Mura
Andrea Mura is an Advanced Hair Artist with Salon Coco BOND. She is a certified Balayage Specialist through the NYC L’OREAL SOHO ACADEMY. (Her recent certifications are in Balayage Techniques, Balayage Live, Balayage Methods and Balayage after Dark with Nancy Braun)