Spa Cleansing Treatment
  • Gentle cleansing & exfoliation followed by light extractions and a relaxing facial
  • massage. This treatment helps rebalance and reset your skin’s health.
50 Minutes - $95
Anti-Aging Treatment
Fight the signs of aging while brightening skin tone. This spa treatment will stimulate collagen activity, balance excess oil, and provide valuable antioxidant support for radiant skin and lasting results.
50 Minutes - $145
Vitamin C Facial
Brightens skin/reduces pigmentation. Provide much needed oxygen to dry/depleted skin by increasing circulation, and encouraging stimulation. Reducing pigmentation, detoxifying tissue, and brightening skin tone, this energizing facial also helps to fight free radical damage for the most luminous results.
50 minutes - $155
Acne Treatment
  • Deep enzymatic action combined with fruit acids combats problematic skin, as a clear complexion is our goal! Extractions followed by a purifying/antibacterial mask assist
  • your skin, in becoming blemish free, clearer, and healthier.
50 Minutes - $155
“Backne” Treatment
Make your back and shoulders beautiful with the aid of exfoliating fruit enzymes to help soften and digest comedones and pustules. Extractions are a breeze and provide just the right balance to help clear the appearance of even the toughest skin issues on your back.
$135+(depending on back size)
Brightening Treatment
Specifically designed to brighten hyper-pigmented/sun damaged skin while infusing hydration for a brilliant complexion. Your skin boosted with Alpha Hydroxy, potent melanin suppressors, and ultra moisturizing properties leaving you luminous and brighter.
50 Minutes - $165
Men’s Facial Treatment
  • Male clients will love the aroma and tingling sensations, while cooling and heating applications enhance the experience. This treatment will smooth, soften, hydrate, heal,
  • balance, and tone…leaving his face refreshed and vibrant.
50 Minutes - $95
Teen Facial Treatment
  • Gives teens quick effective support with a thorough deep pore cleanse for potent maintenance. This facial uses digestive enzymes to support normal to problematic
  • skin and includes extractions. (ages 12-17)
50 Minutes - $95
Express Facial Treatment
A cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating mini facial for those who need to look great on the run!
30 minutes - $75
Sensitive Skin Treatment
Seeing Red? Our Rosacea Facial is the perfect choice for those with inflamed, sensitive and hyper-reactive skin. Infusing the dermis with a high degree of environmental protection, this unique facial uses ingredients to calm rosacea-prone skin, providing antiseptic support, nourishment and soothing irritations.
50 Minutes - $155
Lamina Lift Mask
De-stress, soothe & hydrate your skin with organic filtered seaweed, orange water and horse chestnut! This sheet mask can go over make-up and is ideal if short on time. This is the perfect treat for your skin while you are enjoying you hair and nail services!
15 Minutes - $25
$15 as Add-On
BOND Chemical Peels
A chemical peel is a technique to remove the damaged outer layers of dead skin, and is extremely beneficial for many skin conditions such as: hyperpigmentation, improving appearance of enlarges pores, diminishing fine lines, reducing sebum, re-texturizing the skin, strengthening the integrity of skin promoting collagen, minimizing acne and allowing for easier extractions.
Progressive (Mild)
Skin will experience mild sloughing, and only removes the stratum coreum/outer layer.
30 Minutes - $95
Peeling consists of light flaking to sunburn-like peeling. Affects the intra-epidermal layers.
30 Minutes - $125
Affects the deepest intra-epidermal layers. Skin will undergo considerable peeling. The entire process takes 7-10 days. Skin can become brown and crusty before peeling off.
30 Minutes - $145


The only hydradermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with no discomfort or downtime.
The Basic
30 Minutes - $150
HydraFacial for Oily/Acneic Skin
45 Minutes - $175
Hydra Facial for Anti-Aging
60 Minutes - $200
Facial Add On’s
Hand Treatment+ $15
Eye Treatment$50 ($30 with Facial Treatment)

Purchase a series of three Facials or Peels and SAVE $45
Purchase 5 Facials or Peels and GET ONE FREE

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