Don't settle for wimpy lashes! Whether you are looking for a flirty natural look or want to glam it up, synthetic mink silk fibers will add volume and length giving you the luscious lashes you were meant to have. Caution- Flutter these lashes once and you will never want to be without!
Natural set$120
Full set$150
Glamour set$200
Lash Lift$60
Upper Lash Permanent Mascara$30
Lower Lash Permanent Mascara$10
Lash Fills
1 Week$65
2 Weeks$65
3 Weeks$75
Lash Packages
($121 IN SAVINGS) Each Package includes the first full set of lashes, 5 fills, 30 day supply of Lash Enhancing Serum, ONE upper & lower lash Permanent Mascara Treatment, ONE Brow Tint and FIVE Mini Exfoliating Mask Treatments
3 Month of Natural Lashes Package$445
3 Months of Full Lashes$475
3 Months of Glamour Lashes$500


It takes 24 hours for the PH in your lashes to neutralize and form a durable bond. During this time your lashes are vulnerable and need extra care.

The following should be avoided during the first 24 hours:

  • No rubbing
  • Do not wet lashes
  • Do not use any harsh products or makeup
  • No waterproof mascara or eyeliner
  • No sauna or steam
  • No swimming
  • No facial treatments
  • DO NOT sleep on face (doing so will set your lashes in an unflattering state for 8 weeks)