Massage & Body

Custom Massage
Reduce stress and improve overall well-being with a full body massage that is customized to your specific needs.
50 min $85
75 Min $120
Aromatherapy Massage
The benefits of massage coupled with your choice of essential oils that will energize, renew or relax body, mind and soul
50 Min $95
75 Min $130
Sports Massage
Relieve area specific muscle soreness and lactic acid build up with stretching, trigger point therapy and firmer massage techniques geared towards your individual needs. This therapeutic treatment will aid in the reduction of stress, strain and inflammation.
50 Minutes $95
75 Minutes $135
Hot Stone Massage
Melt away muscle tension with smooth, heated lava stones. A light to moderate pressure massage combined with the warmth of stones that glide over the body will leave you in a tranquil state of mind!
50 Minutes $120
75 Minutes $150
Relax with a soothing touch massage that will cater to your specific needs and bring much needed relief to the mother to be. This service is perforemed in 2nd and 3rd trimensters only.
50 Minutes $90
An ancient healing technique that correlates pressure points on the feet with specific areas of the body. Tension is released, energy restored and feet feel fabulous. (50 Minute includes an exfoliating foot treatment)
25 Minutes $50
50 Minutes $85
Head and Shoulder Massage
Relax and recharge with a mini massage that will cater to the stress held in shoulders, neck and scalp.
25 Minutes $50 Aromatherapy $60
Peppermint Foot Massage
Say good bye to tired, achy legs and feet with this invigorating leg and foot massage. Infused with essential peppermint oil, you will have happy feet in no time!
25 Minutes $50
Chair Massage
Short on time? No worries this 10 minute stress buster will have you feeling recharged!
10 Minutes $10
Massage Add-Ons
(will be incorporated into the time of the massage)
Reflexology Added on to any Massage or Bond Facial $25
Hand or Foot Exfoliation-$15
Hand and Foot Exfoliation $25
Body Treatments
Sea Spa Body Scrub
Nutrient- rich seaweed, triple mint and olive oil will leave your skin feeling energized and refreshed while infused warm towels and invigorating aromas relax the mind.
$75 50 Minutes
Spray Tanning - Full Body